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Babar and Father Christmas
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Time: 70 minutes

What Its About:

In this delightful fully animated holiday tale, Babars children, Arthur, Pom, Flora and Alexander write a letter to Father Christmas asking him to visit Celesteville at Christmas. But their letter never arrives because it is stolen by Babars Arch-enemy, Rataxes the Rhinoceros, who wants all of Santas toys for himself! When Babar sees his children so disappointed, he decides to make a journey in search of Father Christmas. Secretly followed by Rataxes, Babars adventure takes home viewers from Paris all the way to the North Pole, to the very toy shop of Father Christmas himself! Can Babar save Christmas for Celesteville?

We Saw It! (Our Thoughts)

I grew up with the Babar books, so this is a real treat for me! Babar cartoons have a lot of heart, quirky characters, and I like that they teach family values in their stories.

In Babar and Father Christmas, Babar finds himself trying to save Christmas for his family. The greedy rhino, Rataxes, is the malicious one trying to ruin Christmas for everyone. Rataxes is a character that had me laughing at his antics, though he was not a nice guy. Not evil exactly, but he is naughty in a funny way. I dont know how to explain it, youll just have to watch it yourself to find out. 😉

The episodes are definitely a little slower paced than the overstimulating cartoons that are so popular now, but charmingly so. 🙂 I think this is perfect for Christmas Eve!

Oh, and an added bonus to this DVD is a little coloring book for your child:

Special Features:

  • Two bonus episodes, A Child in the Snow & The Gift
  • An exclusive Babar coloring book!

Where to Buy:

You can buy Babar and Father Christmas at for $10.99.

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