Are You Ready for Thanksgiving?

Im not quite. See, we had all these plans we were going to spend Thanksgiving with our best friends that have a little girl Emmas age and each make half of the dinner. I was really looking forward to it then the plague hit at the same time as the cold snap here. First, about two weeks ago John got the flu. Then Emma had sniffles and a sore throat (my poor baby) that came on at the end of last week. And THEN John got sick again with something else and lost his voice, has had a low fever every day, and has been coughing. I managed to get by without catching anything, but still have felt not great. So rather than go cough all over our friends this Thanksgiving (lol), were going to try to reschedule the big dinner. Im so sad!

Today we made a quick trip to Costco to get the groceries we need for Thanksgiving dinner (even though its been put off) since we didnt have a chance to do it before. We have pretty much no food and I couldnt face a Thanksgiving day without something yummy. It was a mad-house! I love Costco, though dont you? Especially around the holidays. I just always wish I had more money when I go, lol.

Anyway, heres our planned Thanksgiving dinner, for when my friend Erin and I DO get together
(I can at least dream about the food)

Cranberry Sauce
Green Beans
Mashed Potatoes & Gravy
Sweet Potato Souffle
Pumpkin Cheesecake
Crab Dip & Crackers

So I was going to make the pumpkin cheesecake from scratch but guess what? Costco had pumpkin cheesecakes. And I was going to have to buy extra cream cheese anyway but it just seemed like a better deal to buy the huge cheesecake there. Im just not sure I can wait until Erin and I get together to get into it it seriously invaded my dreams during my nap today and Im not even kidding.

Sooo what are you Thanksgiving plans?

It looks like well be laying low. I am happy to at least have my husband and child home with me. And although there will be sniffles and coughing, Ill remember to be thankful for our general health and for the food we were able to buy.

And Ill definitely be thankful for pumpkin cheesecake. 😉