Are You a #LOST Fan?

Note: Dont read this if you arent caught up on Lost!

Ive been following LOST since last year. I decided to find out what all the hype was about and borrowed the first season from the library. After I finished that season, I was hooked! I caught up on the next seasons online and from the library, and then even watched them all again when they came on Netflix instant play. Theyre still on instant play right now and Ill probably watch it all again after Sunday

Which brings up SUNDAY. The END of the LOST adventure forever. So sad!

How do you feel about it? What do you think will happen?

Im not sure what will happen there are so many twists in this show I dont think Ive guessed anything correctly at all! Im thinking maybe somehow they will destroy the island and then the sideways reality will become the real reality, but theyll still remember the island of course, since their memories are coming back. Theres really just so much going on.

Did you cry the Tuesday before last like I did over Sun and Jin? That was SO sweet. I wonder if my husband would stay and drown with me lol Would yours? Would you want him to? I sure wouldnt, especially with a little girl waiting for us. Still, it was a very moving scene.

Well, Ill be watching the finale on Sunday night along with all of you. Until then!

Oh, one more question: What character were you most sad about when they died?

For me it was Charlie and Sun/Jin.

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