Baby Bottle Holders – What’s Your Take? Lazy or a Necessity?

A man invented this, right?

My initial reaction to these pictures was Oh my word, is this laziness or what?. You see, I breastfeed my baby. Theres no way I can get away from holding my baby while feeding, so you cant blame me for thinking that (maybe with a bit of jealousy). I personally wouldnt want to put my child down and let him eat alone anyway. Theres something so sweet and comforting about holding and feeding a baby. They like to look at mommy or daddy while feeding its bonding!

That said, Ive never had twins or triplets, or anymore babies at one time. So I imagine that these inventions are a total lifesaver for moms of multiples! I cant even imagine what they must go through taking care of more than one wailing, hungry infant!

That said, here are some baby bottle holders invented by parents who need a break BAD.

Baby Bottle Prop-Up Holder

Baby Butler

I can actually see trying to use something like this while reading, lol. Because I DO use one hand to hold my ereader while feeding. BUT while sitting in a restaurant? I think not.

The Extra Hand

Bebe Bottle Sling


Baby Bottle Ball Holder (Personalized) –

Baby Bottle Prop

I did read that it might be dangerous to prop your babys bottle in their mouth, especially while theyre very young so be careful if youre doing that!

Hope you enjoyed this post! 🙂