Amazon Gift Card Giveaway – Because My Followers ROCK!

If youre a Facebook fan, you know that Im hosting a giveaway for an gift card on my Facebook fan page! Ive been wanting to do something special for my fans who have been faithful about commenting on my updates, but I also have another reason

You see, my Facebook fan page hasnt been too exciting, mainly blog updates. But Im changing that! My new priority is going to be making it a place where I can interact and get to know you all, and where we can talk about whatever enters our brains. I hope youll join me!

If my updates on Facebook are hidden, sadly you wont see my gripping status updates OR my flash giveaways. 😉 But Im hoping youll give me a chance to prove my awesomeness and unhide my updates by the way, to do that all you have to do is go to your Facebook page, hover over News Feed, click the little blue pencil that pops up on the left, click edit updates, then click on the X next to Kindred Spirit Mommy. 🙂 Easy, right? I know! I only had to Google it and read about 25 articles before I figured it out.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot (not really), to enter the giveaway for an gift card, click HERE!

Not that it has to be said, but This giveaway is not associated with or sponsored by Facebook in any way!