After-Christmas Quiet (or Not, Depending on What Your Kids Were Gifted!)

We enjoyed our Christmas very much. 🙂 This was the first year that Emma really was able to understand about the tree, the presents, the meaning of Christmas, and enjoy the anticipation of opening her presents. She got some very nice things this Christmas, too, including a real huffy bike with training wheels from her grandparents (I dont have a picture of that yet) and a guitar. Well, ukelele, but Im not telling her that its not a guitar like her daddy has. LOL She has been playing it constantly, and was especially excited that this ukelele (something I found on sale at Zulily) came with a big red pick. Isaac got a Melissa and Doug zoo animals sound puzzle, magnetic latch puzzle, and a pounding toy great choices because both kids love them!

We had a really nice Christmas. 🙂 How about you?

P.S. Emma keeps asking for more presents. She does not seem to understand that its all over but boy am I glad it is over now! Im ready to relax!