Adventures in Weaning

Weaning is miserable business. Seriously.

I dont know how I thought it would happen maybe I thought I would be the one to initiate it. But its not me, its Emma. Shes done with me! *sniff*


When I first started nursing, I was sure I wouldnt last longer than six months. It seems to be a point that many moms start getting tired of it, or babies start slacking off some. My mom nursed me that long and I had met others who weaned at six months. But at six months, nothing changed. And we were doing so well that I decided to nurse until Emma was one year old. So seven, eight, nine, ten months passed.

Lil Miss Independent

Now were at the eleventh month and suddenly Emma doesnt want to nurse as often. Honestly, Im not one of those moms who wanted to nurse her baby forever (please NO) I mean, Emma has been eating the same food as big people since four or five months. Theres no reason for her to nurse much longer.

So now shes drinking rice milk and she LIKES it. Am I insane for feeling a pang of disappointment that she likes the rice milk? And Im the one who gave it to her!

Shes nursing less and less and my body is saying, Nurse that baby!. Whats frustrating is that shell ask to nurse, then nurse for about 30 seconds just long enough to get the milk going. Then her legs start wiggling and she wiggles right off me. She looks like she wants to come back, but something stops her and she cheerily moves onto something else. Or looks for something to destroy.

I Should Be Happy

When I first started nursing, right after Emma was born, I remember how painful it was. Oh the PAIN! And although I toughened up after a couple months (yeah, it took me that long), I was in pain again after Emmas two bottom teeth came in. One time she even drew blood after biting me while nursing OW! That was at about eight months and I remember being ready to throw in the towel then. But eventually I got it across to Emma that biting was not acceptable (via the wonderful advice from Judy of the Mommy News Blog. I started putting her down and away from me every time she would bite she didnt like that one bit so eventually she stopped biting).

My point? I should be happy the end is near! I should be happy Emma is cheerfully weaning all by herself! I dont know what my problem is. I mean, its not like my kid is going to college and leaving me. Oh great, Im becoming an insane, obsessed mom.

I know this gets easier. I do! I hope that I can come back to this post someday and laugh at myself. 😉

In the meantime, at least I have chocolate. Ive been eating lots of chocolate.

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What is your weaning story? (Misery loves company, LOL)

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