Adventures in Parenting – January 2010

Life with an almost two-year-old (Emma is 19 months now) is quite the adventure! Its a constant learning experience I had no idea it would be like this. By the time I think Ive mastered one stage, another is upon me and we have to adapt to that! I guess Id better get used to it. 😉

Napping and Bedtime: Were down to one nap a day now, at around 3 p.m. Not long ago she was taking two naps a day oh how I miss that quiet time, lol. Bedtime is still fairly easy, around 7:30-8:00 p.m. she goes to sleep. She is wanting verrrry long hugs at night now. I cant resist because I love the fact that she wants to hug me, even if its a ploy to delay sleep time. 🙂

Mealtime: Thankfully, there isnt so much throwing food overboard off her high chair anymore! That used to be her way of telling me she was done, but now if I keep an eye on her I can tell when shes done. First, she starts playing with her food. Throwing it overboard is a last resort, then comes crying if I dont let her down. Maybe someday shell learn to ask to be put down oh what a lovely day that will be!

Playtime: Why oh why is the kitchen the place she loves to spread her toys? Must be because I let her have her toy kitchen in there. Now she thinks the whole house is her realm and she can litter where she may her royal subject will clean up after her. *sigh*

Cleanup time: She will put her toys away if I help her and encourage her. At least thats something. 😉 Whats really funny is how much she enjoys helping me clean up the kitchen. She wants to be in on everything and will hand me the dishes from the dishwasher so I can put them in the cupboards or drawer. And she has such a delighted expression on her face and does it with such energyI dont mind that it takes three times as long as usual to get it done.

Potty time: We are still in diapers (correction: she is still in diapers, lol) and probably will be for awhile. January was supposed to be my month to start introducing her to the potty and, unfortunately, I began the month with a bad cold that has lasted two weeks. So that was put on the backburner. But today I brought the potty out and put it in our dining area (we dont eat there). I have chocolates ready to bribe reward her with and well see how it goes!

Talking: Emma is jabbering all the time in a foreign tongue 😉 Okay, she knows a little English as well. Her favorite phrases are Oh Mo! (oh no), Pees, Pees, Pees! (Please, not peas or pees, unfortunately), and she has a decent regular vocabulary as well (daddy, mommy, diaper, eat, thirsty, etc). I started her out signing when she was a baby and she still signs as well. Sometimes Im pretty sure she would rather sign than talk, something we need to remedy. I havent taught her anymore signs, mainly because Im too lazy to learn them myself. Or defeated. lol

And that pretty much sums up my life right now. It revolves around this funny, personable little firecracker (I never know when shes going to go off!) whom I love more than anything else in the world (besides my God and my husband). I love to go get her cheery little self every morning and I cant wait for her to go to sleep at night. Motherhood really makes you crazy sometimes I think. 😉

But as long as there are other crazy people (moms) to remonstrate with, I suppose I can survive.

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