A Doll For Your Daughter… Let Them Use Their Imagination or Not?

What are your thoughts on this doll?

Before answering, please watch this video at Gizmodo it is crazy! Im not sure what creeps me out more, the doll itself or the way the woman is interacting with it. LOL

I have to admit that I really prefer the floppy quiet dolls. I do like the eyes that close when you lie the baby down, I think thats sweet. I think we should let little girls use their imagination when we can!

That said, if my daughter REALLY wanted an interactive doll like this, I would probably give in and get her one. Maybe. 😉 I did review a Little Mommy doll a few months ago and although it was cute (not nearly as scary as the doll in the video above!) it didnt keep Emmas attention very long. In fact, she was scared of it for the longest time. I kept trying to get her used to it and she wouldnt TOUCH it she gave it a wide berth when she walked by. It was sooo funny! She finally did play with it and enjoyed it for awhile but never was extremely excited about it. Note that she was two, so she was a little young for it anyway. But she carried her other (quiet floppy) doll around. So well, thats all Ill say about that right now. I ended up giving it to another mom who thought her daughter might like it.

What do you (or what does your daughter) think about this doll? Have you ever had one? Would you buy one for your daughter?