9 Beautiful Birth Stories by Mom Bloggers

I thought you might enjoy a roundup of baby birth stories by mom bloggers while youre waiting to hear about my baby Isaacs arrival. 🙂 If you have a birth story of your own you want to share, just leave a link to it in the comments!

Rachel of Second Time Around tells the story of the birth of her first baby, Tobin. I think its so funny that her husband accidentally took the long route to the hospital Ive heard of that happening before!

Tristan of Our Busy Homeschool shares the birth story of her sixth baby, a boy! What I found interesting: She was able to watch DVDs while in labor something I wasnt able to do! What did she watch? 18 and Counting!

I couldnt leave out my own first birth story, the one in which I share the way Emma came into the world. 🙂

Samantha from Mama Notes tells about her experience giving birth naturally to her little boy in the hospital. She managed to flood the bathroom while trying to get through contractions read her story to find out how! (Admittedly she was not at fault any hospital birthing center without a tub deserves to be flooded!)

Alesha at The Jacobsen Family shares her exciting birth story in two parts. In Part One, she makes a mad dash for the hospital after four hours of labor quite the scare! In Part Two, after another scare during which her babys heart rate drops drastically during labor, she finally welcomes him into the world.

Oh good, a home birth story! Thisll change things up. 😉 Read the story of Everetts birth in a birth tub at home at Dirty Diaper Laundry. I loved that she was worried about shaving her legs after she was already in labor sounds like something I would do!

Vanessa @ The Crafty Nestshares her home birth story as well a little boy named Logan is born! I love her reasons for having a home birth, and had to laugh hearing her story of a hospital tour she and her husband took during which she asked about what would happen if she didnt want to get an epidural and had the entire room looking at her like she had two heads.

Cheryl of The Beautiful Side of Hectic has two birth stories to share: First, the story of her daughter Lauren (finally a little girl!) who was induced and finally born via C-section, and then her daughter Jillian who was born in the hospital after her mommy was put on hospitalized bed rest when her water broke at 29 weeks.