6 Superb Posts by Mom Bloggers On Giving Birth

While Im bonding with my new little one, enjoy this roundup of posts by moms around the blogosphere. If you have a post that would fit into this category you would like to share, feel free to leave a link to it in the comments!

Kathleen at Life With Four Boys asks the thought-provoking question, Have C-sections Become a Means of Convenience for Busy Doctors?

Samantha of Mama Notesshares her thoughts on the controversial movie, The Business of Being Born. My favorite quote by Samantha? I think its important to remember that it is possible to have a natural, drug free, amazing birth experience in a hospital. I can say this because it happened to me!

Heres a short but sweet post by the mommy behind Pink Nothings, sharing her happiness with her scheduled C-section birth experience!

Sometimes a C-section is just necessary, like in the case of this mommy who guest posted at Mama Dweeb. She gave birth via C-section to a 10 lb, 4 oz baby and is kind enough to share her C-Section Recovery Tips! I really hadnt thought about many of the things she brings up, like nursing in a certain way hurting your incision. Go read it!

Jess of My Silly Monkeys has had four C-sections! Despite the fact that getting a C-section is not the end of the world, it is major abdominal surgery and she does NOT recommend getting one unless its truly medically necessary read her post and find out why! Also find out why she had a C-section when her first baby was born never feel bad about questioning your doctor if things dont sound quite right! Finally, she has some GREAT tips on recovering in this post. Its really a terrific post, very worth reading if you think you may have a C-section someday (planned or not).

Dee from Two of a Kind Working on a Full Houseshares her epidural experience and receives some GREAT comments from readers about their experiences with epidurals as well worth reading!