6 Products NOT to Gift to a New/Expecting Mom {Special Guest Post}

This is a guest post by Lucy of The Ultimate Gift Guide Blog.

Moms, You Dont Need These!

Lets face it, buying for a new baby is fun, even if it isnt your new baby. But, there are some products out there that just dont need to be gifted. Why? Because theyre not needed and youd be better off giving a gift card to the mom to use as they need it.

{Wipes Warmer}

I know someone out there is like WHAT? We liked ourand my answer is good for younow how did baby react when her butt got wiped with a wipe that hadnt been warmed when you were out visiting/shopping? Yeah, thats what I thought. Sure, they are neat, but you really dont need thembaby will not resent you for the rest of her life if you use room temp wipes. Promise.

{Peepee Teepee}

I dont have boys, but I changed one once. Trust me when I say these do not stand the test of a stream of peelearned the hard way. Come on people, as a new parent you need to learn the art of the quick changefor girls make sure you get the butt part of the diaper under there fastor boys make sure you have the front covered first. No problem. And if you arent a quick change artist yet? Toss a couple wipes on the front of the boy to deflect the pee.

{Baby Shoes}

Sure they may be cute, for the three seconds they stay on until baby flails and has a fit. Baby shoes for infants are useless, if they arent walking or crawling theres not point to having any kind of shoes on their feet. And before a lynch mob comes after me, I didnt say NOT to cover baby toes, you should do that, just not with SHOES, go with socks. My favorites are the Trumpette brand or for a more afforable option the Luvable Friends brand.

{Baby Bathrobe}

Infant bathrobes are a waste of money pure and simple. Theres nothing much more to it than that, I dont know any little 3 month old who lounges around in his bathrobedoesnt happen. If you want to give a bath set go for the hooded towels.

{Full Size Travel System}

Im going to get hate mail. These travel systems are big, bulky, and for one kid they are too much. Youll appreciate what Im saying after pushing that Hummer month after month and getting jammed on doorwaystrust me. Want a travel system? Fine, look for one that says LIGHTWEIGHT, or buy the stroller and infant car seat separately and then get the adapters to make your own travel system. NOTE: Strollers are a personal thing and most new moms like having a hand in the decision process dont gift something like this out of left field!

{Baby Bathtub}

I have two words for you: Kitchen Sink. Yeah I know its not cool, but honestly baby bathtubs are more trouble than theyre worthyou need to store them, scrub them out since they mold, and you basically still do the same exact thing you would if you were giving baby a bath in the sink. So, just wait until baby is a sitter and use the big tubbut please dont think about wasting money on those tub seats either, Im begging you.

Whats on YOUR Do not gift list for a new mom?

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