2012 Summer Dress Trends: Which One Would You Wear?

I like to keep up with the latest womens clothing trends just for fun. I dont necessarily run out and buy clothes that match the trends, but its interesting to see what other people are shopping for while I sit at my computer in my pajamas. 😉 So lets see what is IN right now in the dress category

Color Blocking

Id say it could be tastefully done, but I wouldnt wear that dress on the left. its a little too contrasting neon and black for me. The one on the right is cute, though!

Image source

Not a huge fan of that dress, but if Kristen Stewart wears it! 😉

Peplum Dress

The peplum features a ruffle around the high waist. This is definitely one of those shape-specific styles I couldnt wear it with my hips! But hey, if you have no rear end and you want one this might be for you. 🙂 I do love the vintage look it reminds me of Audrey Hepburn for some reason and that is a good thing!

Babydoll Dress

I would wear the one on the far left, but Im pretty sure the model in the middle went a bit far with her dress is that all one piece? *shudder* Then theres the dress on the far right worn by Jennifer Lopez. Im sorry, but that looks like a fancy negligee, and not very comfortable.


Apparently fish scales are in.

Amazingly, Im speechless. Maybe because my mermaid obsession ended after I turned 12?


Apparently this is a big one sorry, Im not really a fan. Though I think it could be done in a way I would wear something like this:

This style could be tasteful and sophisticated if done right but when the dresses start looking like lingerie I think its pushing it. Goodness, the lovely nightwear from Figleaves looks more comfortable, fashionable, and tasteful than some of these dresses!

Patchwork Look

Aha! Finally a trend I LOVE! Possibly because its got that crafty handmade look to it. 🙂 I actually made myself a patchwork type skirt not too long ago! See, Im lookin hip already

So tell me, which trend do you like the most?

This post written in association with Figleaves. Thoughts and opinions on the dress trends of 2012 are entirely myown. 🙂