2011 Was a Great Year! (Favorite Posts and “What Happened in 2011″ Recap)

A lot happened in 2011. I can hardly believe its over and gone! Time really flies when you start having kids, let me tell you.

So what happened? Well, in January Isaac joined our family. One day I looked like this

and literally the next day Isaac was here!

Emma was FINALLY weaned from the pacifier

She also started preschool (and loved it)!

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Also,Emma was potty trained! That was not an easy journey, folks.

We made homemade baby food for Isaac and shared the how-to (part 1 and part 2):

I also started teaching myself to sew and really took to it. Its fun to make things for your kids!

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I pondered the uselessness of asking a preschooler or toddler Why?

I wondered if I would survive my baby boys worst stages. These included not sleeping through the night, biting me while nursing (causing me to want to give up on it), and super dramatic temper tantrums.

Isaac took his first steps, which I caught on video!

And finally, we discovered that Emma needed glasses and shared why you should get your toddlers eyes checked early.

Putting this post together really was a reminder of how much happened this year! Its kind of crazy that all in one year your baby goes from newborn to toddler, and Emma went from toddler to little girl. So yes, 2011 was a wonderful year for us, and Im really looking forward to seeing what happens in 2012!