Happy Toy Machine Review + Giveaway

I know its 2012 this is the last addition to my gift guide (I was asked to delay the post until now). 🙂

Emma and I did something really fun last week. We designed our own stuffed toy! Thanks to Happy Toy Machine, we were given the ability to make any kind of toy be it animal, humanoid, monster, or robot. You can make virtually anything with this super cool toy machine that lets you customize head shape, body parts, eyes, ears, and colors. you can even add a tail or wings! Theres also the ability to add an embroidered emblem or text. Oh, the possibilities! Heres what Emma and I came up with:

We made two different characters before this, but the monkey won out in the end. Isnt he cute? And we just had to add that little basketball emblem. Emmas daddy plays basketball and she loves playing with him. Im also always calling Emma my little monkey so I think this guy will fit in pretty well here.

– Designing your toy online is a blast, and you can save as many different characters as you want.
– Your child can save their designs and share them with friends!
– All embellishments are embroidered on, not glued or snapped on. Totally baby-safe!
– All materials used are certified non-toxic.
– All pricing is the same no matter how many features or extra embroidery you add to your doll.
– The resulting stuffed animals are made of super soft fleece and are just like your design!

Room for Improvement?

– Some of the design options are limited. I would like to be able to make everything a different color its pretty uniform in that both arms are always the same color, both legs, etc.

Video Opening of Emmas Monkey:

Overall Thoughts:

Im really happy with the way our design translated into the toy we received. I wasnt sure it would be worth the price at first, but if you consider the fact that youre getting the opportunity to design your own toy and that it is made of non-toxic, soft materials, well, I think its worth it. 🙂 I also like that all embroidery and customization is included in the original price, so you can make it very personalized.

Official Website


Visit www.happytoymachine.com to create your own custom stuffed toy!

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