11 Terrific Posts by Moms About Being Pregnant

While Im bonding with my new little one, enjoy this roundup of posts by moms around the blogosphere. If you have a post that would fit into this category you would like to share, feel free to leave a link to it in the comments!

Heres a great piece by Heather @ Home To Heather: How a Pregnant Mom Goes Insane Before 7:30 A.M. Youll have to read it to find out how, and if youve ever been pregnant youll definitely relate! (I can, though I dont have cats)

Heres something every pregnant woman needs to read: Angie at Blessed Beyond Words tells us How To Handle Unsolicited Pregnancy Advice and Rude Comments. Shes currently pregnant with her sixth baby, so she knows all about this and has tips on how to respond to comments about size, the number of children you have, the new babys name, whats to come, and much more.

Heres one of my own posts: My Favorite (and Not So Favorite) Places to Buy Maternity/Nursing Clothes

Another post by Angie at Blessed Beyond Words! She has done the hospital stay five times before, and shares her list of what to pack in your hospital bag! I way overpacked with my first hospital stay so I found this very helpful.

Samantha of Mama Notes bravely brings up the no-nos of pregnancy: caffeine, fish, hot water, and deli meat. I think were all guilty of worrying a bit over something we ate that might be a no-no, so this post really hit home for me! If youre feeling depressed after reading about all of those things you cant have, have no fear she also shares 20 fabulous things you can do and eat during pregnancy!

Do you know what the guidelines for drinking caffeine during pregnancy are? Some of us drink it (guilty) during the entire pregnancy and others quit completely. Monica of The Shopping Mama shares the results of studies on the rate of miscarriage or preterm birth as related to caffeine in her post, New Recommendations on Caffeine During Pregnancy.

Lauren at Sanity Sold Separately totally cracked me up with this post, A Letter To My Cervix I can SO relate! You cant miss this one, its awesome. 🙂

Two issues every pregnant woman has on her mind at some point: Premature labor and possible bed rest. Melinda @ Look What mom Found (And Dad, Too) shares her experience with premature labor (she had to stay in the hospital for a week at 30 weeks) and has tips on dealing with bed rest, too.

At Simple Mom, read about 6 Things to Do In The Last Weeks of Pregnancy. I think my favorite is her suggestion to go on a date with your husband. 🙂

And one more by me: How to Stay Sane While Waiting for an Overdue Baby